Sunday, June 17, 2012

Toner haul!

Just got a couple of new toners to try.  Paul Mitchell's Flash Finish in Icy Blue-Violet and Ultra Violet, as well as Color Shots in violet.  I had good luck with Paul Mitchell's Ultra Toner Platinum so I'm excited to see how these work.  I'm going to use the Icy-Blue Violet over my whole head with streaks of the Ultra Violet + Color Shots Violet underneath for depth and a pop of pastel color.  I'm also trying the 5 Volume Cream Developer.  I always stick with Sally Beauty Supply's Salon Care so I'm interested to see if the brand/lesser volume makes a difference in maintaining my hair's integrity. Review and pics coming soon!

Horrible quality image courtesy of busted iPhone


  1. How did your results of the violet with color shots turn out? I just bought both for a client and was wondering if you had any advice.

  2. I love the flash finish! Gets the job done in only a couple minutes and the ultra violet reminds me of grape jelly xP